The disagreement over the history of CLF is nothing new. It has always been there but it has always been contained within the CLF family due to the elder’s discipline and maturity. Though in the past CLF members had even come to blows over the history of their father, teachers, ancestors and the honor of their schools, these heated disputes were always confined to the group of CLF elders involved in settling their differences and these internal conflicts within the CLF fraternity were always held discreetly so as not to draw public attention and exposure from the media. Afterall, what good will come out of it if this bitter feud between the CLF clans was to generate public scrutiny amongst other Chinese martial arts population?! Why do you think the CLF Union in Hong Kong was created? It was to help minimize such contention and talk things over in an intellect and civilized manner. Such was the proper protocol adopted by CLF’s early responsible elders who follow the traditional Chinese Martial Arts Code of Ethics – a tradition that should not be ignored or rejected by the latter generations.

Unfortunately, in recent years, intense commercialization due to increasing competition in the martial arts business have prompted many teachers with “vested interest” to resort to “elevating” themselves in their martial arts hierarchy in order to attract more students and in the process they ran others down and sadly they brought dishonor to their own jung si (founder of their style). In propagating the history and legacy of their own martial arts lineage they have brainwashed their students and fellow clan members to believe and accept what has been passed down to them through one generation of clan family elders to the next using their “CHAN FAMILY” records as “historical facts” as the gospel truth and to dispel the Hung Sing CLF history as "distorted”.


*To question how much of it is truth, fabrication, grossly exaggerated or fiction, the “Master Lacey Response To The CLF Controversy” appeared on his website on April 2002. If anyone is persistent in continuing with the argument over the historical facts on the CLF history pertaining to the Chan Family’s CLF lineage and the legacy of Chan Hung, they are asked to read over again Chapters II, III and IV under the headings – “FACTS, FICTION OR FABRICATION”, “BELIEFS, FACTS OR FICTION?”, “HISTORICAL ‘FICTIONAL’ CHARACTERS – ARE THEY JUST A MYTH?”, “EVIDENCE AND PROOF”, “WHEN WAS THE NAME ‘CHOY LAY FUT’ FIRST ADOPTED?”, “WHY THE NAME ‘CHOY LAY FUT’ WAS ADOPTED” AND “THE LOGIC BEHIND THE NAME CHOY LAY FUT”. Then ask yourself – how much of the doubts and the discrepancies Master Lacey pointed out are BELIEVABLE.


To dispel the monk Ching Cho and the Buck Pai mountain as “non-existent” or “fictional” and to discredit the legacy of Cheung Hung, researchers of the CLF history like Doc Fei Wong and extra joseph (sorry, but he refuses to give us his real full name – why?) have attacked the CLF history of the Hung Sing (Cheung Hung Sing) branch. *(Read Chapter V – “The Buck Pai Mountain”, “Is It Misconception Or Self Denial?”, “Proof To Support Existence?”, “The Monk Ching Cho”, “Misconception Is In The Mind Of The Ignorant”, “The Five Founding Fathers of Southern Boxing” and “FICTION – A Convenient Word Used To Dispel The Truth!”).


Now that the Chan Family CLF history is under scrutiny, some of the die hard Chan Clan followers are rallying behind Doc Fei Wong the great historian on CLF after reading his article titled “The Founder of Choy Li Fut”. Suddenly now anti-Cheung Hung Sing people like joseph (and other DFW fans) are hailing “grandmaster” Doc Fei Wong as their newfound SAVIOR because he has recently “discovered” that “Ching Cho” was Choy Fook’s other name!! Master Lacey will address this issue later on as well as the comments and statements made by Doc Fei Wong whom some people look up to as their Supreme Spiritual Leader, CLF historian and defender of the Chan Family CLF history.

*I hate to have to repeat myself so I implore you to please go over the paragraphs of the last update on my website under the headings – “Wisdom Of The Early Elders”, “The New Generation of Self-Proclaimed Teachers”, “Don’t Impose On Others….”, “Rally Round The Chan Family Historical Records” and “Don’t Mistake Tolerance As A Sign Of Weakness”.